Bubble Pop Fidget Toys: Why You Should Carry Them

The world is an interesting place and nowadays social media drives a wide variety of trends like the fidget spinner craze a few years back, but things aren’t over yet. Fidgets have returned in a new form -- bubble pop fidget toys -- which have been taking off in 2021 and demand continues to rise. Let’s explore more. 

As a company that has been in the wholesale toy space for over 30 years we watch trends closely because they help guide us on what to manufacture and when, and over the past year it has been interesting to see the rise of pop fidgets and fidget toys in general. 

For example, looking at Google Trends, searches in Google for “pop fidget” and “fidget toys” more than doubled between March and May of 2021. That was a sign for us and we put things into action. 

Fast-forward to today, using our existing relationships and licenses we created a variety of bubble pop fidget toys for the most popular characters/shows including: Barbie, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob and more. 

We are planning to roll out new fidget toys in the near future and will continue to provide updates on our progress. If you’re a retailer looking to carry fidget toys let’s connect and explore more: (323) 588-8811

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